The best out of two worlds – That is how many manufacturers promote Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicles. Nonetheless, there are some points to consider before going PHEV.

1. Consider the annual mileage.

The more you drive each day the more you have to charge the car or make use of the combustion engine. If you drive relatively short trips between your home and work, you can most likely cover them with electricity only. In this case a PHEV is absolutely right for you.

2. Consider the possibilities to charge the car.

Since many PHEV do have an electric driving range of around 50 kilometres, it is essential to charge the car as often as possible in order to use the car efficiently – ideally you charge the car at home and at work. The desired effect for the environmental protection can only be generated if employees are disciplined in regards to the charging. In practice we do observe the fuel costs increase if there is a lack of discipline.

3. Consider the environment.

Most likely you consider a PHEV to lower the fuel consumption and the carbon emissions of your fleet. Therefore, it is essential to be aware that a PHEV is only as green as the power source and as the driver allows it to be. If you do charge electricity based on fossil fuels the amount of greenhouse gas pollution is not as low as it could be.