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The history of CarNet

History EN

9. April 2019
Establishment of TraXall Switzerland

Establishment of TraXall Switzerland

CarNet implements innovative international fleet management for its international customers in the global network of TraXall International.

19. March 2019

Opening of CarNet-CFMS for self-managed fleets

CarNet also offers the modular services of its fleet management application CFMS to fleet managers who want to continue managing their vehicles themselves, but want to automate their processes through digitalization.

11. February 2018

Connection of REST-API interface for automated supplier connection to CarNet-CFMS

CarNet opens the interface to their application so that suppliers can program for data transfer and data reconciliation against it.

30. June 2016
Central Fleet Management System (CFMS)

Central Fleet Management System (CFMS)

Activation of our own CFMS with front-end and mutation relevance in all fleet management data records

9. December 2015

New service «Fleet analysis» for preparing facts as a basis for decision-making

CarNet makes its comprehensive knowledge of neutral fleet management available for the preparation of detailed analyses so that customers can set the course for their car policy and fleet management in the future on the basis of facts.

26. January 2013

Customer-specific engineering in Multi Supply

In a sophisticated process, suppliers are placed in competition for quality and costs. CarNet acts as an independent integrator in this process.
TCO reductions of between 20% and 30% can be achieved through cost and process optimisation.

18. October 2012
Supplier connection in the Multi Supply competition system

Supplier connection in the Multi Supply competition system

CarNet Supply Chain creates tender matrices, SLAs and process descriptions in order to put all cost factors of fleet management into continuous competition for its customers. From dealers and importers, garages and tyre networks, through carrossiers, petrol station networks and insurance companies, to financiers and residual value guarantors.

9. May 2005
Multi Bidding of the full service leasing companies

Multi Bidding of the full service leasing companies

In a standardized procedure, full-service leasing companies for large customer fleets are put in the quality and cost competition. CarNet acts as an independent integrator. The bidding process, which is based on the actual vehicle configuration and a matrix of several performance parameters, is used for every vehicle order. TCO reductions of up to 15% can be achieved through cost and process optimisation.

7. January 2005

Supplier Integration of the Leascos

The full-service leasing providers relevant to the Swiss market are integrated as suppliers by CarNet.

29. April 1998
Single Supply (Full Service Leasing or Buying Fleet)

Single Supply (Full Service Leasing or Buying Fleet)

All services are optimised through cost and process efficiency, which is achieved by bundling all customer vehicles under the umbrella of the overall CarNet fleet. In this way CarNet reduces the TCO by up to 10%.

29. April 1998
Logo CarNet Management AG

Establishment of CarNet Management AG

Provision of services as a neutral fleet manager and integration of the necessary suppliers

5. June 1997
Establishment of CARnet Management GmbH

Establishment of CARnet Management GmbH

Development of the CARnet database structure with residual value and repair matrices and connection preparation for importers, trade, financiers and insurance companies.