Purchased (Customer owned) Fleet

The customer finances the vehicles himself and delegates the fleet management to CarNet.

Multi Bidding

If the customer has the requirement to process the vehicles via leasing providers, CarNet uses a competitive process to find the best current full-service leasing companies for financing and maintenance for each customer’s vehicle. By managing the «Unbundled Services» via CarNet, the costs are additionally optimised.

Leased Fleet

At the customer’s request, CarNet puts the budgeted investment volume out to tender to various financiers and takes over the fleet management for the customer.
In addition to the SLA, the interest margin, i.e. the mark-up at the reference interest rate valid at the time of invoicing by the vehicle supplier, is tendered.
If a tender does not make sense due to the size of the fleet, CarNet ensures the leasing via «Key Supplier».

Vehicle procurement

At the customer’s request, CarNet will launch a Request for Price with all the manufacturers represented in Switzerland. Our multibidding request asks the manufacturers for the purchase/investment value of each individual vehicle, the residual values to be guaranteed and the fixed maintenance fee. The manufacturer can determine a possible delivery lump sum. This is added according to the net price of the vehicle.
If a Request for Price at manufacturer level does not make sense due to the size of the fleet, CarNet procures the vehicles from «key dealers» at best price.

Vehicle order

CarNet handles the vehicle procurement according to the needs and specifications of the individual departments of the customer or the vehicle level of the employees. In doing so, CarNet takes into account all the requirements of the customer’s vehicle regulations.
CarNet creates the vehicle configuration according to the specifications, organises the lettering, installations and superstructures and calculates the full costs for acceptance by the customer.
CarNet manages the entire order and payment process and coordinates the registration and delivery for the whole of Switzerland.

Internal vehicle change

CarNet places vehicles that become free according to the customer’s requirements within the desired departments, coordinates the vehicle return, preparation, redemption and handover. Subsequently, CarNet installs the new monthly costs to the new department or cost centre.

Active contract management

Vehicles rarely drive exactly towards the predicted kilometres. Therefore, CarNet makes fixed contract periods more flexible by adjusting contracts. The KM analysis from the reporting flows into the recalculation of the TCO simulation, so that an optimal term with regard to costs is guaranteed. CarNet installs the new rate accordingly and lets the changed TCO parameters flow into the customer’s reporting.

Vehicle maintenance

All repair and service work is professionally checked by CarNet. If the importer guarantees a monthly flat rate according to the mileage and running time of the vehicle, this component is used for the daily maintenance of the vehicle.
CarNet enforces the conditions applicable to the customer for all garages. All correct invoices are paid by CarNet and booked on the maintenance account of the individual vehicle.


The customer decides whether he wants to change the tyres in the partner garages or to have the tyre service and replacement carried out in specialised tyre networks. Premium tires of the various tire brands are used for summer and winter tires. Usually, CarNet also has the first winter tyres (including rims if required) delivered with the vehicles. All incoming invoices are checked for accuracy. All correct invoices are paid by CarNet and booked to the tyre account of the individual vehicle.

Fuel and electricity

Usually two fuel cards are allocated per vehicle (whether national or international is at the discretion of the customer). At the customer’s request, the fuel cards can also be issued for car wash services, vehicle-related products or tolls on foreign motorways. In any case, the fuel cards can also be used to obtain the vignette. CarNet takes care of a smooth dispatch of the fuel cards and is also responsible for lost, stolen or non-functioning cards. The fuel and electricity bills are checked for accuracy. All correct bills are paid by CarNet and booked to the fuel account of the individual vehicle.


The customer decides whether, in parallel to the liability insurance, he/she does not want to insure his/her vehicles or whether he/she wants to drive with partial or full coverage. CarNet integrates the customer’s fleet insurance into the fleet management. The invoice of the insurance premiums is checked by CarNet for correctness. The correct collective invoice is paid by CarNet and the individual insurance premiums are booked on the insurance account of the individual vehicle.

Road taxes and enrolment costs

The customer’s vehicles are registered according to his specifications at the company’s location or the driver’s residence. All incoming invoices from the various road traffic offices in Switzerland are checked for accuracy. All correct invoices are paid by CarNet and booked to the road tax account of the individual vehicle.

Supplier integration

All contracts concluded by the customer with third party suppliers can be integrated into the fleet management by CarNet if required. CarNet acts as integrator as well as clearing house and also takes control of the supplier relationship.

Claims settlement

CarNet maintains a nationwide network of recognised bodywork companies and a 24/7 hotline. The driver reports the claim to CarNet and receives immediate assistance if necessary, otherwise the driver is forwarded to the network and provided with replacement mobility. In the case of vehicles with installations, it is more effective to carry out the claim at a time when the vehicle is not needed than a replacement vehicle.
CarNet checks the repair quotation and releases it – in case of ambiguity CarNet sends an independent third party. The correct invoice is paid by CarNet and settled with the insurance company or the customer.

Drivers support

All drivers of company vehicles are personally looked after by our Customer Service or Claims Department staff. Drivers can contact CarNet at any time by telephone or e-mail for all concerns and receive assistance in German, English, French or Italian.


CarNet optimises vehicle sales in multi-stage B2B and B2C competition procedures as well as negotiated discounts on depreciation according to age and mileage of the vehicles. This helps the customer to eliminate high-priced repair costs when taking back vehicles and to solve maximum prices. CarNet thus contributes to a significant increase in remarketing performance.

Remarketing «open risk»

The customer owns the vehicle or buys the vehicle from the books of the leasing company. CarNet has the vehicle collected, decribed, expertised and creates the electronic marketing dossier for the B2B exchanges. After closing at the best price on the B2B exchanges, CarNet then handles all transactions and sends the «Short Term» invoice to the customer as a credit advice. The Customer sends an invoice to CarNet according to the «Short Term».

Remarketing «closed risk»

The customer manages the vehicle at closed risk and has delegated the residual value risk to CarNet. Together with the customer, CarNet applies the so-called «Fair Wear and Tear» catalogue with an optimised list of damages that are considered acceptable and discounts in relation to age and kilometres. CarNet coordinates the return of the vehicle and has it checked for «abnormal wear and tear» including a damage report. If desired, «abnormal wear and tear» can be passed on to the former driver. CarNet prepares the final invoice for the customer.

Account Management

CarNet sets up meetings at the request of the customer. Here, strategies, green fleet support, future projects or further potential for savings are discussed and backward-looking topics such as claims history, costs and successes are analysed. Where necessary or desired, CarNet is always available for escalation handling at any time – immediately in person and without waiting in a hotline.

Process quality assurance via ticketing

CarNet has a web-based fleet management system for the management of pending issues with an integrated ticketing system. This means that the core processes of fleet management (vehicle procurement, contract management, fleet accounting, claims management, returns and remarketing) can be supported electronically and processed in the workflow via pending tickets.

Online Reporting

In our applications, any data can be linked with each other to make it available in online reporting. The customer has the same access to all his data as the employees of CarNet.