We digitalise your fleet data

Fleet data, which is often stored fragmented without mutation relevance, is defragmented and put into mutation relevance to each other.

The continuous digitalisation of master data, invoice control, document flow and payment transactions increases process efficiency through automation.

Basic module for the automated mutation of vehicle and driver data

In this module, the basic fleet data, often stored in fragments without mutation relevance, is defragmented and set in mutation relevance for synchronization. In the Cloud, this data can then be viewed in reporting sets and the future mutation of the data can be automated (without mail).

Add On Claims Management

The cloud service can be used to supplement claims management including a repair network with a 24/7 emergency number. In the event of a breakdown or damage, drivers can reach the CarNet emergency centre directly via 0840 CarNet (227638) and receive immediate assistance. The costs for damage repair are only charged per case.

Add On Fuel Card Management

Because vehicle and driver data are already in the cloud, the data required for fuel card management can be aggregated. This gives you access to the CarNet fuel card network with large fleet front-end discounts and automated validation of the kilometre status. Because the system recognizes illogical km entries from drivers, a manual km status query is usually unnecessary. The effective fuel costs are checked and loaded into the system while the vehicles drive against the monthly forecast budget. Because effective and forecasted costs are visible in the Cloud, the fuel reporting is always automatically updated.

Add On Tyre Management

CarNet’s service network has over 350 partner garages as well as a country-wide network of specialist tyre-fitters for the replacement and seasonal change and storage of tyres. Drivers can thus go directly to the «pit stop». The tyre replacement is checked and the effective costs are loaded into the system. This means that the tyre costs can also be viewed in the cloud and the tyre reporting is always automatically updated.

Add On vehicle sales in competition proceedings

Based on the operative parameters available in the system, the remarketing of vehicles can be initiated automatically. For this purpose, brand-neutral forecast values are stored in the CFMS system. If a vehicle has reached the end of its service life, this extension allows access to CarNet remarketing in competitive procedures via B2B Auctions. This eliminates possible repair costs and CarNet bills transparently on behalf of the customer.

Add On Quality assurance of leasing contracts

CarNet’s platform also offers an extremely interesting add-on for vehicle fleets in finance leasing or full-service leasing. Leasing contracts can also be loaded into the application so that they appear in the reporting cockpit. This add-on allows, for example, the comparison with effective mileage levels to be carried out via the system, so that contract recalculations can be automatically suggested by the system. If the fleet is multi-bidding, the savings per contract are also documented and displayed.