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The Future of Mobility – Top Trends in Focus

Although mobility is not a new concept, transport models for fleet businesses are increasingly becoming technology-enabled and ever more connected. The advent for smart mobility solutions are ushering in new ways of working journeying and serving customers. Our evolving mobility landscape [...]

The Future of Mobility – Top Trends in Focus2022-03-09T14:14:47+01:00

What is shaping the future of fleets?

A seismic shift is happening in the fleet landscape, influenced by a number of factors, from changes in employee preference and vehicle ownership trends to environmental concerns and technology advancements. Future-proofing is a top priority for fleets today, with companies tasked [...]

What is shaping the future of fleets?2021-10-01T10:42:41+02:00

When the chips are down

Les micropuces sont aujourd'hui présentes dans de nombreux appareils de la vie courante tels que les téléphones portables, les ordinateurs, les cartes de crédit ou les voitures et font donc partie intégrante de notre vie quotidienne. La pénurie actuelle de puces [...]

When the chips are down2021-07-12T11:46:01+02:00

The Outsourcing Conundrum

Vehicle fleets can have a significant impact on business finances, while also having a strategic and integral role to play in wider company performance. Managing a fleet, however, can prove a challenging and time-consuming undertaking and, in many cases, the fleet [...]

The Outsourcing Conundrum2021-04-28T14:24:58+02:00

Human patterns and self-driving cars

Will self-driving cars cause more harm or good? That’s an often discussed question nobody really has an answer to yet. But what we know for sure is that the shift from driven cars to self-driving cars will not only lead [...]

Human patterns and self-driving cars2020-10-01T08:27:38+02:00

How to increase marketing performance

In addition to classic fleet management, one of CarNet's strengths is to market vehicles in the name and on behalf of the customer at "best price" in the competitive process of the B2B exchanges while eliminating repair costs. [...]

How to increase marketing performance2020-07-22T14:45:55+02:00

What to consider before going PHEV

The best out of two worlds – That is how many manufacturers promote Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicles. Nonetheless, there are some points to consider before going PHEV. 1. Consider the annual mileage. The more you drive each day [...]

What to consider before going PHEV2020-06-08T15:23:36+02:00

Corporate Mobility Management in Europe

Mobility means flexibility Fleet mobility is changing the landscape of fleet management. The advent of a new concept of ‘mobility’ has led to a shift in the way we travel over recent times. Due to high vehicle [...]

Corporate Mobility Management in Europe2020-05-27T11:55:44+02:00

European Country Comparison

Amsterdam is the bike capital of the world. Or so it would have us think. Despite the Dutch capital’s love for two-wheel travel, it doesn’t hold the crown for Europe’s most bike-friendly city. This gave us food for thought. Do we [...]

European Country Comparison2020-05-25T08:45:43+02:00
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