• Home Office for CarNet employees
  • Leaders at CarNet are available 24/7
  • Ensure all Service Level Agreements (SLA) are held
  • Task Force for delays during the delivery processes


  • Different situations at the road traffic offices
  • Stagnations in freight traffic
  • Production stop for different makes
  • «Facilities for reparation of transport vehicles» in operation, different situations at the tire houses


  • Interruption of vehicle manufacturing
  • Delays in the delivery process
  • Vehicle maintenance and repair shops
  • Tire suppliers
  • Leasing / Financial markets

CarNet emergency measures during COVID-19

During the «lockdown» all companies should help each other – CarNet also provides uncomplicated assistance to non-customers for fleet management with immediate effect.

Economiesuisse assumes that around 50% of all Swiss companies will experience liquidity problems as of May 2020. This is due to supply bottlenecks in production, sales declines of over 20 % depending on the sector, sales difficulties in the markets combined with poor payment morale of customers. At present, based on the Economiesuisse survey, this economic crisis will endure from June to October 2020, in the travel industry at least 12 months. 

Immediate reduction of the total costs

Often the costs for the fleet are the second largest cost driver after personnel costs. For this purpose, CarNet offers a free short analysis as an immediate measure in order to achieve fast results with little effort via «quick wins» wherever possible.

Fuel Management

CarNet is now opening its fuel management system to non-customers as well, so that all fleet operators can immediately take advantage of the full front-end discount for large fleets. This means that several thousand francs can be saved immediately with little effort, depending on the size of the fleet. Additionally, CarNet digitizes the fleet and driver data, budgets the fuel consumption per vehicle in a rudimentary form and charges it in advance as a monthly fuel budget. CarNet easily equips every vehicle with 2 fuel cards and as a further added value, the mileage is also recorded in the system.

Cost-optimized maintenance work and tire coverings

CarNet is now opening its partner garages and tire networks to non-customers, so that this cost driver can be reduced by around 15% as an immediate measure. For this purpose, CarNet digitizes the fleet and driver data, budgets rudimentary maintenance and tire costs per vehicle and charges these in advance as monthly maintenance and tire budgets. The drivers can then make their «pit stop» in the partner garages and tire networks that make sense for them geographically, in a cost-optimized manner.

Cost reductions in the event of damage

CarNet is now opening its claims network to non-customers as well, so that this cost driver can be reduced by around 20 % to 40 % as an immediate measure. In the CarNet claims network, the “repair instead of replacement” approach is applied and discounts on work and any spare parts are pre-negotiated. For this purpose, CarNet digitizes the fleet and driver data, stores the insurance policy of the fleet operator and equips each vehicle with the direct dial number for claims. In the event of a claim, CarNet directs the driver into the claims network and settles the costs with Carrosserie, fleet operator and insurance company.

Vehicle sales in competition proceedings

CarNet is now opening its remarketing exchanges to non-customers as well, so that as an immediate measure, an additional revenue of between CHF 1,000.00 and CHF 2,000.00 is usually generated when vehicles are sold. Here, CarNet only charges for its administrative expenses and external logistics costs.

The fleet operator mails several vehicle documents and information to [email protected]. After closing at the best price on the B2B exchanges, CarNet then processes all transactions and sends the «Short Term» statement to the customer as a credit note for settlement.

Contact us directly at [email protected] – we are happy to help you immediately!